Sara is an amazing dog. She is gentle and sweet. She loves people and greets politely. She is my shadow- always right by my side. She has soulful brown eyes and a happy tail. She was found in the Poplar Bluff area 2 days after giving birth to a litter of puppies. She knows how to sit and come (most of the time- treats make it happen quicker). She doesn’t jump up on my furniture anymore but would like to. She is completely housebroken and has had no accidents. She weighs 45 lbs and is 1.5 years old. She is heart worm free. Sara is a border collie/golden retriever mix with a beautiful shiny coat. She is great around kids. She herds our other dog in the backyard a bit. She is suspicious around other dogs (she is a mom of 7 pups after all) but trusts very quickly. She does not seem to like toys. She does okay on a leash. She is a skinny girl right now and can slip through my fence. Everyone who meets Sara loves her.