Meet Tiffany

Tiffany is a spunky little puppy who loves to play with her fosters big dogs! She’s a little bundle of cuteness and has no problem holding her own! If there’s a toy she will try to snag it and get her four legged friends to chase her!  As much as she loves to play, she loves to climb up in your lap for snuggles and love.

  • Breed : Blue Nose Pit Mix
  • Age : 8 weeks
  • Gender : Female
  • Ready For Adoption : Absolutely! Anxiously Waiting
  • My Personality : I'm Calm & Cuddly I'm Active & Playful I Love Car Rides
  • Kid Friendly : I Love Kids
  • Dog Friendly : I Love Other Dogs,
  • Cat Friendly : I Love Cats
  • Housebroken : No... Not Yet, I'm Working On It!
  • Crate Trained : No, Not Yet, I'm Working On It,
  • Known Health Issues : I'm Super Healthy
  • Shedding : I Shed A Little,
  • Adoption Fee : $300 - Because I'm 6 Months Or Younger
  • Adoption Application :
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