Meet Nala

Meet Nala, a fantastic dog that needs a good home.  There is something very special about this cute girl with an adorable underbite.  She does all of the things a good dog should.  She protects her yard but does not bark in excess.  Just a few protective barks and then she goes about her own way… She is companionable, a real delight to spend time with gardening, jogging, going for an evening walk.  She greets you with huge enthusiasm but remains polite, she does not jump up on people or invade your space.  She loves a good tummy rub.  She’s friendly with all people, good with kids, adores men and women equally.  She is crate trained, walks great on a leash, does not run away when off leash, or jump fences.  She always obeys: sit, lay down and stay.  She’s middle aged but has a muscular physique and great athletic ability.  She is a very healthy girl.

She does not understand how to play well with other dogs or cats.  Perhaps she thinks she is a human.  When we have other dogs over, Nala goes in her crate.  She should not be trusted to live with a cat or dog as her instinct is to be territorial and/or chase.

We have known Nala for years.  We took her in when her owner, a family member, became too sick to care for her.  So we are fostering this sweet tempered girl in our backyard (we have an indoor cat) and just know that whoever meets her is going to love her and want to cherish their time with her.  I’ve been around many dogs and Nala is truly unique, almost catlike, smart, loyal and regal.  We hope to find her a home by winter when we will no longer be able to foster her.

Here she is in action:


Important bits:

  1. No health issues: She is active and lively, loves yards to run in and going for walks and jogs.
  2. Doesn’t bark:Only makes noise if there are strange people or dogs around, whines a little when first left alone…or when she is excited to see you.
  3. Prefers people over animals: She lived with another dog for years, but never really took to it and would get into territorial spats. Likes to chase squirrels and rabbits. Best home would be one in which she was the only animal.
  4. Very affectionate: Sometimes she thinks she is still a lapdog and will climb up onto your lap or lay her head on your leg if given half the chance. Her favorite place will definitely be at your side.
  5. Crate trained: She loves to sleep at the foot of your bed and sleeps like a log when she does, but when left alone for a period of time (during the day or at night) she will move around a bit. During the day she would prefer to be either in a fenced in yard or, if indoors, would prefer her crate. When she gets nervous by herself she will sometimes go potty on the floor if not in her crate.
  6. Kids: She has not often been around little kids (toddlers and the like), just when the grand-kids came to visit. She has always been great with my 6-year-old and 2-year-old and has never had any kind of incident with anyone. She tends to mostly ignore kids and just bond with the adults that feed and pet her. I would say, just to be on the super safe side, the ideal house would not have really young kids who would climb all over her, because that’s mostly just how I feel about dogs and kids in general.
  • Breed : Terrier Mix
  • Age : 8
  • Gender : Female
  • Ready For Adoption : Absolutely! Anxiously Waiting
  • My Personality : I'm Calm & Cuddly I'm Active & Playful I Love To Go On Long Walks I Need A Fenced Yard To Run & Play I'm Happy Just Lying Around I Love Car Rides
  • Kid Friendly : I Love Kids
  • Dog Friendly : Probably Not A Good Fit
  • Cat Friendly : Probably Not A Good Fit
  • Housebroken : Yes!
  • Crate Trained : Yes! I Love My Crate,
  • Known Health Issues : I'm Super Healthy
  • Environment : I'd Be Better with Older Children Only, I'm A Perfect Companion for Seniors, I'd Be Great For A Single Person, I Prefer A House With A Yard
  • Shedding : I Shed A Little,
  • Date Available : Now
  • Adoption Fee : $175 - Because I'm 7+ Years Old
  • Adoption Application :