Meet Michael

Michael is a curious, playful pitty puppy. He is doing great in his new foster home! Michael loves attention and will follow you around just to get rubs and give you puppy kisses. He has the softest ears. He melts when we give him belly rubs. He loves children and adults. He enjoys playing with toys and sticks. Michael hasn’t had an accident in the house in 2 weeks! We are really good about taking him out frequently though. He’s super friendly and will make a great family pet!

  • Breed : Pittie Mix
  • Age : 12 weeks
  • Gender : Male
  • Ready For Adoption : Absolutely! Anxiously Waiting
  • My Personality : I'm Calm & Cuddly I'm Active & Playful I Love Car Rides
  • Kid Friendly : I Love Kids
  • Dog Friendly : I Love Other Dogs,
  • Cat Friendly : I Love Cats
  • Housebroken : I'm Working On It!
  • Crate Trained : Yes! I Love My Crate,
  • Known Health Issues : I'm Super Healthy
  • Shedding : I Shed A Little,
  • Date Available : Right now!
  • Adoption Fee : $300 - Because I'm 6 Months Or Younger
  • Adoption Application :
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