Meet Kristie & Her Puppies

Kristie, aka Kiki was found wandering a family farm, apparently dumped and very pregnant.  The finder contacted Stray Paws looking for help as he knew he was not able to care for a pregnant dog.  We picked Kristie up and she was eager to get into the car and was cheerful and full of kisses!  We brought her to a temporary foster and she got along great with her two dogs.  We knew Kristie was ready to give birth at any moment so we took her to the vet just to confirm.  The vet said she would be surprised if we didn’t wake up in the morning to puppies!  Kristie stayed at the vet that day and sure enough within hours 6 adorable puppies were born.  We had a foster who is experienced in whelping puppies who brought Kristie and her pups home and has taken great care of them. Kristie is an amazing mom, she has done such a great job caring for her babies. She has done really well with the other dogs at the foster’s home. She’s a really sweet girl and loves people!!  Kristie and her puppies will be available to adopt June 19. They will be ready to adopt after they have been fully vetted, up to date on shots, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.  Be sure to check back to find out when they are ready!