Meet Jasmine!

A stunning, intuitive, and loving cat. Jasmine recently brought three adorable and extremely well-behaved kittens into the world. Jasmine has gone through a lot to be ready for adoption. After a rough start at life, and just old enough to be considered an Adult cat, Jasmine came home pregnant. After her owner decided they could not care for her in that state, they made the decision to surrender her to our rescue. It was not two weeks later that Jasmine gave birth to three little boy kittens: Bread, Cinna, and Bosco. She was an amazing mother from birth. At the expense of her own health, Jasmine would nurse and care for her kittens before herself. It took a lot of convincing and yummy food to get her to stay away from her three boys long enough to sustain herself. After a few weeks, Jasmine became the model for cat Motherhood. She taught her boys her great litter habits, how to hunt all of the toys like pros, and how to kindly request pets from humans. Jasmine has been around men, women, dogs, and cats. She might take some warming up to other animals, but most adult cats do. She does great with new people, and doesn’t bat an eye. I am very proud of Jasmine, who now also responds to “Momma” as we couldn’t resist calling her that with three tiny kittens cuddled up to her. Jasmine deserves to live a life full of love, relaxation, and treats – spoiled out of her very sweet mind

  • Breed : Domestic Short Hair
  • Age : 1.5 year
  • Gender : Female
  • Ready For Adoption : Absolutely! Anxiously Waiting
  • Kid Friendly : I Love Kids
  • Dog Friendly : Dogs Make Me Nervous At First But I Adjust Quickly,
  • Cat Friendly : I Love Cats
  • Hair Length : Short Haired
  • Litter Box Trained : Yes
  • FeLV/FIV Test : Negative
  • Claws : Has All Claws
  • Personality : Affectionate, Sociable, Loves to play, Curious, Independent, Vocal
  • Date Available : Immediately
  • Adoption Fee : $125.00 - 8 weeks +
  • Adoption Application :
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