Meet Isa

UPDATE: A foster Mommy has been found she will be adopting Isa too!!! BEST. NEWS. EVER!   Isa is up and walking! It’s a slow process, but she’s doing amazing so far!  Donations are still needed, so please keep sharing?

This beautiful baby is Isa (pronounced ee-sa). Sadkt Usa was hit by a car and the person did not bother to stop! Luckily, a gentleman by the name of Charles Martin saw her and brought her into his house. He said that the owner had been notified of the accident and that he needed to come get her right away. He gave the owner a couple days to come get her but the owner never showed up or even bothered to call and check on his dog!  Charles knew that Isa was in a tremendous amount of pain and needed medical care right away and she couldn’t wait any longer. Unfortunately, he had no transportation to a Vet and was short on money and wouldn’t get paid until the following week so he got on FB a posted on a lost and found group begging for help.  In his original post, it was obvious just how much he loved this sweet baby and was desperately trying to find a way to save her life!  Luckily, rescue was found and they were able to get Isa to a Vet!  Unfortunately, her medical bills are not going to be cheap and we are asking for donations to help cover the cost of her medical bills and therapy that she will undoubtedly need in order to make a full recovery! Even after she got hit by a car and lost her leg she’s still a happy, loving pup!  She’s a white pitbull and loves dogs and people.