Meet Grande!

My name is Grande! At my vet visit on 1/3/18. I weighed about 30 pounds and the vet thinks I am about 4 months old since I still have all of my puppy teeth in tact. I love playing with the resident 70 pound male  puppy. When I am not playing fetch or playing with my foster brother I love snuggling in the arms of any two legged creature available. I don’t think the resident cats like me too much and they never want to play. I generally ignore them but occasionally they will bat at me and put me in my place. I am still working on potty training and am getting better every day. I sleep over 8 hours nightly in my crate and don’t mind spending time there during the day. I am a quick learner and already can sit. And of course, I am food motivated ! Yum yum to treats. If you are looking for a bigger girl that can offer all the unconditional love you will ever want I am  the one for you !❤️