Meet Boxer

Boxer le Beaux is quite the handsome young man. He is so special he was blessed with one dazzling blue eye and one radiant green eye. His coat is super silky and shiny. The moment he walked through his foster parents home he made friends with the resident puppy that is much larger than him. He has also been very well mannered around the two resident cats. He is super alert and wants to be included in on all activities.  Mr. Handsome is very agile and currently weighs in at 26 pounds. He has just gotten back from the vet and the boy surgery has been completed.  Boxer le Beaux (aka Mr. Handsome) would be a wonderful addition to any family. He is currently in a home without 2 legged children but keep checking back for an update to see how he does with kiddos.

update: Boxer is awesome with kiddos!! Very gentle and super friendly. Potty training is going amazingly well. No accidents in the house since he arrived!!