Meet Boobafina

Miss Boobafina is one independent pup full of personality. Of her nine littermates  Boobafina is usually the first to master anything. Confident in herself, Boobfina’s wonderful personality always shines through. She’s very quiet and adores getting cuddles from her human. And this pup LOVES the water. Whether she’s playing fetch in the pool with some toys or just lounging in the water on a hot day, this little lab mix is definitely a water dog!  Always the first to jump in the water and the last to leave.  Very athletic and full of energy, she might make a great doggy athlete one day (her foster mom suggests dock jumping).

Boobafina will make a great companion and she is quickly picking up training. Never loud or pushy, Boobafina is very intelligent and always pays attention to what you say. Excited to pick up training and find her furever family, this pretty little lady can’t wait to meet you!