Meet Anita

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Look at those beautiful sparkling blue eyes…they are begging for a home of their own!! Anita is so cute and cuddly you could just put your arms around her and snuggle forever! Anita is such the sweetheart and is absolutely adorable! She is happy, loving, and enjoys meeting new faces! She has lots of energy, loves to play, and is always wagging her tail! Anita is quite the silly girl and will always make you smile when you look at her. She is eagerly waiting that perfect home to come along and adopt her! Anita has decided that she doesn’t care to share her space with any other animals at this time. She likes all the love and attention for herself. She is a typical wiggle butt that has learned several tricks – lay down, paw, drop it (i.e. ball), sit, go in your cage, and she also fetches and retrieves her toys for you. Anita is eager to please and will quickly catch on to other tricks with consistent training. Anita loves to sleep next to you as she likes to be around others, however she is also okay if she needs to go in her quiet space.  Anita loves to go for walks and loves her nap time. Anita wants everyone to know that she is very loyal, will always bring a smile to one’s world, thrives on consistency, loves to sunbathe and have her outside time, and is eager to find that one place to call home.

  • Breed : Pocket Pit/Terrier Mix
  • Age : 3 years old
  • Gender : Female
  • Ready For Adoption : Absolutely! Anxiously Waiting
  • My Personality : I'm Calm & Cuddly, I'm Active & Playful, I Love To Go On Long Walks, I Need A Fenced Yard To Run & Play, I'm Happy Just Lying Around, I Love Car Rides
  • Kid Friendly : I Love Kids
  • Dog Friendly : Probably Not A Good Fit
  • Cat Friendly : Probably Not A Good Fit
  • Housebroken : Yes!
  • Crate Trained : Yes! I Love My Crate,
  • Known Health Issues : I'm Super Healthy
  • Environment : I'd Be Great For A Single Person, I'd Be Better with Older Children Only, I Need A House With A Yard, I Need A Fenced Yard
  • Shedding : I Shed A Little,
  • Date Available : Immediately
  • Adoption Fee : $250 - Because I'm 7 Months to 6 Years Old
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