Dixie Lou

Hey guys! This is Dixie Lou. A couple weeks ago she went through a pretty hard ordeal. Her family had gotten her from someone and she was in pretty rough shape. As they put weight on her they noticed her belly kept growing. That’s when they realized she was pregnant. When she went into labor something went terribly wrong. None of the puppies survived and poor Dixie Lou prolapsed her uterus and tore her artery. She almost died. Thankfully her family acted fast and took her to a vet who then saved her life, but it was far from over. She needed a blood transfusion in order to survive. Thankfully stray paws stepped in and got her what she needed. Now she is almost healed and needs a committed foster until she is adopted into a loving family. I am already committed to another foster and could only keep her temporarily. Please help me find someone for this precious girl. She is great with dogs and kids. I was told she is good with cats by her previous owner. She is smaller than the photos show at 35lbs and seems to be full grown.