Meet Zig-Zag

This sweet boy is an Australian/ German Shepherd mix who just turned 1! He is the most loving and energetic guy that will attack you with all the kisses he can give! He is crate trained. He is a very good watch dog and loves barking at the squirrels in the backyard! He does very well with the other dog in the house and is amazing with children! He does jump up on people because he gets so excited and wants to get some extra love. We are working on that! He has never been around cats so I am not sure how he would do. His favorite things to do are chew on his bone, chase his ball and play with his toys! If he doesn’t have his favorite things he will find things that are around the house and make his own “toys”. He does know how to sit most of the time but could use some basic training.  His biggest downfall is he thinks he is a lapdog and wants to be in your lap and have your attention!