Hershey (Remi)

A Note From Her Previous Family: Hershey loves to run, play with other dogs and go on frequent walks. We have a 9yr old Chihuahua and they play well together. She’s been very good with my 2 young children and enjoys cuddling. We are an active family that play ball a few times a week and noticed that Hershey is not a fan of large crowds. She gets very anxious and becomes defensive. She also has a tendency at times to be food aggressive, but that consists of a soft growl followed by running away. This is only with her meals. That does not include toys, bones or treats. We have spoken with multiple trainers and her vet and they have each said that she is a very good dog, but just not the best fit for our family or our situation. Hershey is super smart and has thrived in her training classes. She knows sit, stay, leave it and can do it for long periods of time until you say “ok.” She is also crate trained, although we’ve had her sleep on our ottoman at night and she stays put all night. We are very confident that she will be a great addition to another family.