Foster Packet

What You Will Find In The Foster Packet...

  • Rescue to Foster – How It Works / What to Expect
    • Week 1 for Foster
    • Week 2 for Foster
    • Adoption Process
    • Common Foster Questions
  • Helpful Links
  • How To Do Reference Checks
  • How to do Home Visits
  • Vetting Schedule/Vet Offices We Use
  • Accident Waiver & Release of Liability
  • Decompressing A Rescue Dog
  • Heartworm Information Flyers
  • Veterinary Appointment Checklist
  • Over The Counter Medications For Dogs

Please download this packet and familiarize yourself with the foster process and how to care for your foster dog.  THANK YOU for fostering for Stray Paws Rescue! Without you we could not save as many dogs as we do!