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Q: What is the adoption process?

A: After you complete an adoption application it is reviewed, references are contacted and if you have current pets, your current vet is contacted.  If your application is approved then we contact you to set up a home visit.  This just assures us that our dog is going to a good clean home.  Not saying anyone’s home is spotless. We know that.

Q:  If a dog is Heartworm positive and I want to adopt it, how does that work?

A: We do a foster to adopt situation.  You get to have the dog with you in your home but Stray Paws is responsible for the HW treatments until a negative HW test is done and the dog is altered.  Then if you still want to adopt the dog is yours after the adoption fee is paid.

Q: What if we find that the adoption won’t work out due to one thing or another?

A: We have a 2 week “trial adoption” in which we are still responsible for the dog and you get to see if everyone is going to get along and bond.  If for any reason we feel it isn’t going to work out, we take the dog back and return your adoption fee.  If after the 2 weeks, we will still take the dog back but the adoption fee will be a donation.

Q: What is all involved with being a foster mom/dad?

A: After completing a foster application and we have done the reference and vet check, we contact you to find out what type, age, sex and quantity of dog/s you are wanting to foster.  Stray Paws provides all vetting, crate, leash, collar, toys, food, bowls, treats etc.  We bring the dog to you and make sure all intros are done between any animals in the house.  In many cases we will not know all the information about a dog due to them being a stray on the street or coming out of animal control.  This is were the important part of the foster is.  You help by loving, caring and basic training.  Housebreaking, leash and crate training. Bringing the dog to adoption events.  Keeping us updated with pictures, temperament, training and so on.  Taking the dog to the vet or making them available for transport.