Your donations will go a long way to help these dogs in need!

Occasionally we rescue dogs that have been neglected or have lived on the streets for so long they need vet care and special treatments. Check out a few of our rescues that need a little help from our friends so they can be healthy enough to adopt.

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    Raised: $400.00
    Goal: $3,200.00
    These adorable puppies were rescued by Stray Paws Rescue a week ago, but sadly the puppies became very sick. 6 puppies were treated including hospital stays. If you are able to donate towards vet care, we would appreciate it more than you know!
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    General Medical Care
    Donated: $10,150.65
    Every dog that comes to Stray Paws rescue is fully vetted. Vet visits can be costly, especially with strays when we don't know their medical history. Stray Paws Rescue ensures all dogs are tested for heartworms, dewormed, up to date on all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, given heartworm preventative and microchipped.
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