Your donations will go a long way to help these dogs in need!

Occasionally we rescue dogs that have been neglected or have lived on the streets for so long they need vet care and special treatments. Check out a few of our rescues that need a little help from our friends so they can be healthy enough to adopt.

  1. 0 Donator
    Tahlia’s Pregnant!
    Raised: $25.00
    Goal: $650.00
    Hey guys, my name is Tahlia. I was found abandoned and pregnant. I wasn't taken care of. When my foster mom brought me in I was matted and had fleas really bad and I am pretty skinny. Please any donations for my care and my baby's would be wonderful!
  2. 0 Donator
    Scarlett’s Training
    Raised: $25.00
    Goal: $400.00
    Scarlett is a super sweet girl with all people, including kids, she just needs training to be with other dogs! She is extremely dog aggressive but making quick progress with training. Please help us continue her training so she can have a forever family and 4 legged friends to play with.
  3. Zeke Needs You
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $750.00
    Zeke is a victim of backyard breeding. He is skin & bones. He was covered in seed ticks and fleas and weighs half of what he should. He is anemic, plus he has a heart murmur! We are hoping some kind people will help donate to his care and help him get better!
  4. donate to kota's medical fund
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    Kota’s Road to Healing
    Raised: $275.00
    Goal: $2,100.00
    Kota is suffering from an unknown health issue and we need your help to cover costs to get an MRI and spinal tap. She is in a lot of pain and has difficulty using her back legs. The vet said it may be menegitis. Please help Kota live a pain free life and sponsor her today!
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    Miss Lucky Hit By A Car
    Raised: $145.00
    Goal: $650.00
    Tony witnessed Miss Lucky get hit by a car and thrown almost 300 feet landing on her back and was almost hit by a second car. Tony took Miss Lucky to VSS because he couldn't let her lay in the road to die. She is super friendly and glad to be safe! Please donate to Miss Lucky's medical care.
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    Coco Zinc Poisoning
    Raised: $75.00
    Goal: $1,200.00
    Coco swallowed a penny and was dying from zinc poisoning. She was urinating blood, had 104 fever, was anemic and she jaundiced as well. Emergency surgery and blood transfusions were necessary to save her life. Please help us cover cost of the life saving surgery she needed.
  7. 0 Donators
    Jaylo’s Broken Elbow
    Raised: $100.00
    Goal: $700.00
    Jaylo is a sweet gentle soul but has not been well cared for though. She has an old fractured elbow injury that was never treated which has healed on its own incorrectly and caused callousing. There is a misalignment of her elbow and we need donations for her surgery.
  8. 0 Donator
    BellaVino Heartworms
    Raised: $50.00
    Goal: $800.00
    I was found wondering the streets and my owner was never found. I am heartworm positive. I want to be a regular dog but I can't because of these worms in my heart. Will you please help with my heartworm treatment so I can run and play and with my new family?
  9. Leslie Has Heartworms
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $800.00
    Leslie and her puppies were rescued the floods down south. Only 3 puppies survived and she took great care of them even though she has heartworms. Her puppies have found homes and now she is ready for treatment. Please help her to get healthy enough to adopt!
  10. Bo's Journey to Recovery
    0 Donator
    Magnus’ Mange
    Raised: $50.00
    Goal: $350.00
    Magnus was severely neglected, he has such a bad case of mange he is blistered and scabbed and bleeding all over his body. His owners starved him and left to die. His healing and his recovery will take awhile and will require medicine, clothes, lotions, and several vet visits.
  11. Trixie Has Heartworms
    Donated: $0.00
    Sweet Trixie, the little Doxie Mix has confirmed heartworms and she is going to need your help to recover! Trixie's treatment will take several months. If you can find it in your heart to donate to Trixie's medical treatment we would forever be grateful. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.
  12. Sparky Has Lost His Spark
    Donated: $0.00
    Hi, my name is Sparky, but there is no spark in me right now. Two nice ladies came to save me today. I have a horrible skin condition and a tumor on my neck. I have been living like this for a long time. The Humane Society has been to my house several times, but since I had a water bowl and food bowl, they said I was ok. Stray Paws has rescued me and I have a lot of trips to the vet planned! It's going to cost them a lot of money to help me feel better and get well. so please help them help me! Love, Sparky
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    General Medical Care
    Donated: $7,045.65
    Every dog that comes to Stray Paws rescue is fully vetted. Vet visits can be costly, especially with strays when we don't know their medical history. Stray Paws Rescue ensures all dogs are tested for heartworms, dewormed, up to date on all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, given heartworm preventative and microchipped.
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