Your donations will go a long way to help these dogs in need!

Occasionally we rescue dogs that have been neglected or have lived on the streets for so long they need vet care and special treatments. Check out a few of our rescues that need a little help from our friends so they can be healthy enough to adopt.

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    Trixie Has Heartworms
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    Goal: $1,200.00

    Support Trixie's Heartworm Treatments

    Sweet Trixie, the little Doxie Mix has confirmed heartworms and she is going to need your help to recover! Trixie's treatment will take several months and cost a over $1000. If you can find it in your heart to donate to Trixie's medical treatment we would forever be grateful. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.
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    Sparky Has Lost His Spark
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    Goal: $3,000.00

    Please Help Sparky

    Hi, my name is Sparky, but there is no spark in me right now. Two nice ladies came to save me today. I have a horrible skin condition and a tumor on my neck. I have been living like this for a long time. The Humane Society has been to my house several times, but since I had a water bowl and food bowl, they said I was ok. Stray Paws has rescued me and I have a lot of trips to the vet planned! It's going to cost them a lot of money to help me feel better and get well. so please help them help me! Love, Sparky
  3. Letty Wiggle Butt Baby
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    Hip Replacement Surgery

    Letty needs surgery to remove the hip ball joint so it stops popping out of place and scraping on the hip bone. Letty is in a lot of pain. Only surgery will make her feel better.
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    Heartworm Treatments

    Diesel is about 1 and a half years old, and he is need of immediate heart worm treatment. Unlike most cases, Diesel will be Neutered before starting his treatments, so right now we are praying that he makes it through the surgery so we can start his treatments right away and find him his forever home.
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    Piglett’s Heart Surgery
    Donated: $50.00

    Surgery for Heart Defect

    Little Piglett has a heart defect that if not surgically repaired, will cause her to go into congestive heart failure and die. She is only 8 months old. We need to raise $3,500 to cover medical costs for tests and surgery. As a non-profit rescue we rely 100% on donations so please donate today!
  6. Luke The Fun Loving Tri-Pod!
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    He is full of energy! Luke had a bad back leg when we took him in. After a couple vet appointments it was decided that we needed to have his leg amputated for his well being. He is now our fun loving TRI-POD. Nothing slows him down long. Luke is learning fast and furious how to do anything and everything on 3 legs.
  7. Princess Sia’s Road To Recovery
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    This is Princess Sia. She is a 1 year old pit mix. She had a leg amputated due to a severe break but that hasn’t stopped her from being an amazing little girl. Please donate to help cover medical costs for Sia's amputation.
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    Heartworm Treatments & Training

    Gizmo was living on borrowed time in a rural pound and needed Rescue to pull him before the worst would happen! Unfortunately, Gizmo has heartworms and needs treatments. Stray Paws Rescue swooped in and grabbed this sweet boy up to give him the chance every dog deserves! Gizmo is sweet, friendly with dogs and people and housebroken.
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    Help Barnes
    Donated: $100.00

    Barnes Is Heartworm Positive and Needs Your Help

    Lot of people probably remember this dog sleeping on the sidewalk across from Barnes hospital. He has heartworms and he would have die out there with that homeless man. Barnes would have suffer if he did not get to a vet for proper care for. Tony did a great thing by taking this dog and getting him the care he needs! If u would like to help Barnes with his heartworm treatments please donate today!
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    General Medical Care
    Donated: $5,360.65

    Your Generous Donation Makes All The Difference!

    Every dog that comes to Stray Paws rescue is fully vetted. Vet visits can be costly, especially with strays when we don't know their medical history. Stray Paws Rescue ensures all dogs are tested for heartworms, dewormed, up to date on all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, given heartworm preventative and microchipped.
  11. Lacey Adopted Stray Paws Rescue
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    Help Lacey
    Donated: $125.00

    Heartworm treatment

    Lacey came to Stray Paws with 9 puppies and Heartworms. She is the sweetest little mom and is ready to start a wonderful new life just like all her babies. Lacey's treatment will take several months and cost a little over $1000. If you can find it in your heart to donate to Lacey's medical treatment we would forever be grateful. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.
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