Zeke Needs You

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Goal: $750.00

Hi guys, my name is Zeke which means “god strengthens”. I came to rescue through the efforts of kind people who saw me suffering and had to do something about it! They asked for help and help came! Stray Paws Rescue stepped up for me and found me a wonderful foster home to help me recover. When my foster mom got me she couldn’t help but cry. I am skin and bones, I was having the life sucked out of me from seed ticks and fleas, and man they hurt and itched so bad. My foster mom stayed up all night with me that first night. She bathed me in dawn and scrapped and plucked every single seed tick off of me. And there were hundreds!

The next day my foster mom did some digging. It didn’t sit well with her of where I came from. Turns out I am a result of the backyard breeder. She breeds unvetted pit bulls. My mom and my other siblings are in serious trouble and my foster mom is doing everything she can to track this lady down and put a stop to it. I have other siblings who are out there right now suffering the way I was before I got saved. Stray Paws will take on the other pups like me if they are found. I hope they are.

I went to the vet yesterday and found out that I am full of these nasty parasites, I am anemic, plus I have a heart murmur! Not sure yet on what all my care will entail so I’m hoping some kind people will help donate to my care. Please help me get better!