Raised: $400.00
Goal: $3,200.00

These adorable puppies were rescued by Stray Paws Rescue a week ago, but sadly the puppies now have Parvo. They were placed with 3 different fosters and within 2 days they all became lethargic and began vomiting. Sierra and Echo went to the emergency vet at AVS who gave them tests and fluids. The following day, Sierra and Echo went to the regular vet for more IV fluids, medication and monitoring. They spent 2 days there. Sierra is on the mend but Echo just wasn’t bouncing back. She was very weak, she could barely lift her head to lick her foster mom’s face. She would only eat 2 bites of specialty food off a spoon and had to be force fed and given water with syringe. This morning, Echo’s breathing was labored and her foster was very worried and felt like she wasn’t doing well. Her foster mom took Echo to the vet again and was told Echo need to go to an emergency hospital.  She took Echo back to AVS where they ran many tests, did X-rays, gave her IV fluids and medications.  Unfortunately things did not look good. The vet found Echo had an enlarged heart, she was severely anemic and needed transfusions, her counts were way off; it was really bad. Her lungs were labored because of the enlarged heart she was having a really hard time breathing and sadly, sweet little echo passed away today.

The other 4 puppies went to the vet at the first signs of vomiting and thankfully are doing much better now. They are, eating, drinking and playing after a few days on special diet, medication and fluids. Sierra is on the mend as well and is on her way to join her siblings since Echo’s passing so she won’t be alone.

We are beyond thrilled that these 5 puppies are fighters and are on the road to recovery, but our not-for-profit rescue simply cannot afford the vet bill for 6 puppies being treated for parvo and the extensive tests, treatments and hospital stays.  Your donations are really needed right now! We would appreciate it more than you know! Every dollar makes a difference, so please consider helping these little fur-babies. THANK YOU!