Miss Lucky Hit By A Car

Raised: $195.00
Goal: $650.00

Tony witnessed Miss Lucky get hit by a car and thrown almost 300 feet landing on her back and the car didn’t even stop. After she got hit Tony took off running across all 4 lanes of McCausland because another car did not see her and was heading right for her. Tony jumped in front of the car to keep Miss Lucky from getting hit twice. Tony didn’t know if the dog belongs to anyone or if if she was dumped or lost. Tony took Miss Lucky to VSS because he couldn’t let her lay in the road to die. Right now she barley can walk and she is super scared. She got really lucky because she’s not that hurt. If Tony had not run out there Miss Lucky would have been hit by another car! She is doing okay now and is super friendly and glad to be safe! Everyone knows when bringing a dog to VSS it always cost a lot of money, so if you can, please donate to Miss Lucky’s medical care.