Jaylo’s Broken Elbow

Raised: $100.00
Goal: $700.00

Jaylo is only two years old and a sweet gentle soul. She is great with kids, dogs and cats!! She has obviously not been well cared for though. She has an old injury, fractured elbow, that was never treated and has healed on its own incorrectly. She came in with a 3 month old puppy and no one has ever come for them. Puppy has an adopter and Layla is in danger of euthanasia. She is great with other dogs, non reactive to cats and greeted the kids visiting the shelter by licking their fingers. Great pup!! Please see her expanded medical findings. We have the complete medical and x-rays on her also. She has an old fracture of the epicondyle of the lower part of her humerus that forms part of the joint in her right elbow. This fracture has healed and there is a malalignment of her elbow now. The injured area is callusing over, however and is essentially fusing her joint and restricting the movement in her elbow. She is still able to use her right leg but walks with a limp in that leg