Coco Zinc Poisoning

Raised: $75.00
Goal: $1,200.00

Being in rescue isn’t just about saving rescue dogs from the streets, from kill shelters and neglect; sometimes we have to step outside and help our friends who are struggling to save their own pets. We have a friend who reached out to us asking for help with her 8 month old dog, Coco who was not eating and had dark red blood in her urine. She took Coco to the vet and had a urinalysis, X-rays and blood work done. Coco had swallowed a penny and she is suffering from life threatening zinc poisoning. Coco needs emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. Stray Paws Rescue will be taking donations for Coco’s treatments to cover cost of the life saving surgery she needed.  All donations made to Stray Paws Rescue will be used to pay the vet bills directly. Your donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated.