The sweetest boy ever💙

Hi, I’m Jake(not from State Farm). My foster mom told me I’m the best, easiest foster she’s ever had. I am extremely mellow and will follow her everywhere she goes. I’m housebroken unless you put me in a crate- then I will tinkle in it-for sure. The good news is I’m not destructive at all and I’m happy to hang out in the kitchen when you’re gone- I won’t potty until you take me outside. At night I like to snuggle in my moms bed for a while and then I sleep on the floor for the rest of the night. I’m living with 4 other super obnoxious dogs and I just ignore them. Most of my teeth were recently removed so my mom mixes canned food with small kibble because chewing hurts. She brushes my super soft coat every day so I don’t shed too much. I only weigh 15 pounds but I look bigger because of my incredible fur coat. I’m almost completely deaf so I rarely bark. I would love to have a quiet home where I’m not alone for too long. I love my mom very much but I’m crazy about my foster Dad(sorry mom).I have not been kid or cat tested but I don’t think either one would bother me. So if you are looking for a gorgeous, mellow fellow, that’s ME!!!

  • Breed : American Eskimo Dog
  • Age : Approximately 10
  • Gender : Male
  • Dog Friendly : Dogs Don't Bother Me,
  • Cat Friendly : I Haven't Been Around Cats
  • Housebroken : Yes!
  • Crate Trained : I Don't Really Like Crates
  • Known Health Issues : I'm A Little Hard Of Hearing,
  • Shedding : I Shed A Lot
  • Date Available : Soon, I’m healing from some dental work.
  • Adoption Fee : $175 - 7+ Years Old
  • Adoption Application :
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