Meet Tanker

Tanker is an approximately 6 year old American Bully, weighing around 80 pounds, and is considered a short/stocky fella. Tanker has a calm demeanor and is the true definition of CHARMING! Tanker was found tied up to a basement pole in 2017, not being fed, and eating drywall to try and survive. But this doesn’t stop him from showing love to ALL humans he meets! Tanker is especially fond of children, and has been around small children since being in rescue. He enjoys lounging next to little ones, and would do this all day if/when he has the opportunity to do so! Tanker also enjoys meeting new human friends, laying down at their feet, and requesting good belly rubs! Tankers favorite activity is playing ball…so you will hardly ever see Him without a ball in his mouth! Tanker is dog friendly with ALL dogs (although he does prefer to keep his ball to himself), but he has not officially been cat tested yet. This charming fella does have a seizure disorder, and takes medication 2x daily for this. Since starting his seizure meds, Tanker has not had any seizures! We are not 100% sure why he ended up with epilepsy, but it’s possible this came from his prior life of eating things he shouldn’t have had to, to try and stay alive. But one thing is for sure, Tanker doesn’t allow his epilepsy to stop him from loving life!!