Meet Sparkle

New foster family addition: Sparkles (or as we affectionately call her, Nelly) is just the sweetest little girl. She loves to cuddle. Be it a kid, adult or even her foster lab brother. If you’re sitting, she wants to be touching you. She is still learning her manners walking on a leash but she’s very eager to please. She is potty trained and knows “sit” and “down”. She sleeps great in her crate at night from about 8pm-7:30am without even a peep. Hopefully this little sweetheart finds her forever home soon, she absolutely deserves it!

This is little Miss Sparkle, and does her personality match her name.  She is a happy, energetic puppy with a constant wagging tail. Sparkle loves everyone including dogs, kids, adults and cats. She is crate trained for bed and a few hours during the day. She has easily caught on going potty outside and will need to be held consistent to a schedule.   Walks great on a leash.  Very interested in her foster moms kitten and big dogs.  Very confident at this young age.  For someone who loves puppy love and energy this girl is for you. Oh forgot to mention she is very smart and listens when corrected.  My foster mom says somebody better scoop me up fast or she will just have to keep me.  I’m told I’m a little gem.. get it.. Sparkle