Meet Shelby

Shelby is the beautiful Momma of the Peaky Blinders gang of seven. Shelby was found outside living on her own in rural Missouri. She kept her little ones alive and when she came into rescue she was just skin and bones. Shelby at first was timid and fearful of humans most likely due to previous abuse. In a matter of a day, Shelby has become the most trusting little lady. Shelby loves her babies but loves chilling out with the rest of the family even more. The rest of the family includes a 90 pound 1 1/2 year old male pup, and two small kitty cats, and a crew of humans.  She loves to snuggle and loves rolling over on her back to have her belly rubbed. As of 11/17/18 she has almost weaned the pups.  Shelby weighs about 42 pounds and would love to be in a home that can love and adore her. She is crate trained and as long as she is on a schedule potty trained as well.  Shelby is approximately 10 months old, just a baby herself.