Meet Lou Lou

Lou Lou, previously known as Marly is a sweet little 12 pound female mixed breed. She looks to have a little Shih Tzu, Yorkie, and maybe some Dachshund because she is super long.  She is between the ages of 2-4, and she gets along with both cats and dogs. She was originally adopted at the St. Louis Animal Control by a sweet woman who brought her home and loved her unconditionally. Unfortunately her male pup was not fond of Lou Lou and he started to get aggressive with her; she was surrendered to Stray Paws Rescue. Prior to the past experience,  Lou Lou had been surrendered by her owner  to Animal Control in horrible condition. She is thought to have been living in a kennel her whole life, and it appears she has had multiple litters of puppies.  She was malnourished as well, and is very thin. Lou Lou loves to sit right beside you as close as she can get, and loves to give little baby kisses.  Lou Lou loves to play ball and can be quite frisky at play time so she will be best with a family with older children. She also gets a little vocal and barks when she is in play mode.  She will also need a slow introduction to big dogs, but is currently doing fine with her Pit/Weim mix brother and her niece a 60 pound lab mix 6 month old puppy.