Hi! My name is Hamilton, but everyone calls me Hammy. I’m an 13 week-old (labrador/hound) mix.  When I was a tiny baby, my litter and I got sick with Parvo Virus; but, now, I’m all better and ready to go to a Forever Home! I’m a super big sweetie and I LOVE to cuddle! I always wanna be next to you! I’m currently being house-trained, crate-trained, and leash-trained. I’m not perfect yet, but I’ll get there!

I do super well with other dogs, and I love to play and wrestle! In fact, I’d really love to be in a home with other animals, but it’s okay if I’m your only furry friend, too!

Here are some quirks about me: • Me and all my siblings have black spots on the bottom of our tongues! Kinda weird, huh? • My favorite toys are the softer ones with the squeaker inside! • I’m SUPER hungry as I’m growing big and strong, and I’m already eating dry dog food and two meals a day. • I’m used to my foster family going to school and work, so I’m familiar with between 7-9 hours hanging out in my crate. I’ll always welcome you home enthusiastically! • I really like giving kisses! My lil tongue is so soft and perfect for the task! • I’m still pretty small (about 10lbs), and I love to be held and carried around. Even though I’m getting bigger every day, my foster family still calls me a “one-hander”! • Even though I love to play, I really love naps and snuggling, too. I’m one of the most snuggly dogs you’ll ever meet!