Meet Caddy

Caddy was born on January 20, 2018. Would you like to know Caddy’s DNA? Well she is 37.5% Boxer, 25% Labrador Retriever, 12.5 % Golden Retriever, 12.5% Rottweiler, and 12.5% Siberian Husky- WOW- that is one special mix!  She is the sweetest most loving dog you will ever meet and why she has not been adopted yet is unbelievable! Well, maybe adopters get hesitant when they are told she doesn’t like getting in cars. Can you blame her? She has some residual trauma from being locked in the trunk of a car for a bit, but who wouldn’t have some resulting issues. She continues to work on getting over being in the trunk for an unknown period of time, and with patience and love she will one day be able to get into a car with ease. How can you hold this against such a beautiful precious baby?

She’s spayed and utd on shots and ready for her forever home!  She’s sweet and. playful. She loves her people and would also be happy with a doggy playmate. Some days she loves to play in the yard others she’s done after 5 minutes. However; She loves the water and if she has a baby pool to play in she will play all day.  She loves water so much she also jumps in her water bowl in the kitchen (forgetting its not a pool) and quite often splashes all the water out and then asks for more. She is working on basic commands and leash training but is just a super big love bug!