Meet Trey

Everybody meet the worlds best dog! He loves to jump on your couch and cuddle (hope you don’t mind a little snoring!) . He is a hit at the local dog park and loves getting to go run and play with all of the other dogs. If you’re looking for a gardening buddy, or someone to lay in the grass with and soak up the summer sun, Trey is your man! He just likes being with his person. He is a smiley, silly boy that will make you laugh for sure on his way to capturing your heart. He is missing his back foot, but it doesn’t slow him down too much!  He does need to stay at a healthy weight and be regularly exercised to keep his other back leg strong. He doesn’t mind going for walks, but it has to be at his pace. He does get a little tired but give him a quick rest and some belly rubs and he’s ready to go again! He’s potty trained, knows a couple basic commands, and has great manners! Anybody would be so lucky to have him!!