Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog you will change their world forever!

We were warned by the shelter that Cabo was in that the big dog side was full, Cabo‘s hold time was up and was scheduled to be euthanized. With the help of many, Stray Paws rescued Sweet Cabo just in time. He was a big 6 year old that likes to lay around in the sun and play tug a war. He loved the baby pool, getting belly rubs and his ball. He was truly a gentle soul. He had not had the best of care and really needed a home in which he can be loved forever, luckily he found that home with Tony Nichols.  Cabo was a big fur ball that just wanted to be loved and lucky for him, he got a lot of love from Tony! 

Sadly, Cabo passed away March 21st,  and Tony was extremely hurt and confused because he didn’t even act like anything was wrong. He knew Cabo was not going to get adopted and was going to die in his care but he was not expecting to be this soon. That night around 11pm Cabo made a whining noise like he does when he wants out.  Tony went to let him out and he was just laying there barely breathing. Because Cabo is so big, Tony couldn’t pick him so he had to go around the corner and get help. He got him in the van to take him to the vet, but sadly he passed away on his way to the hospital. It happen so fast with no warning signs. Webster groves animal hospital said his liver was extremely small. They said was the size of her hand but should have been double that. Tony loved him so much and he gave Cabo a great life and a lot of love.  Cabo was very happy at Tony’s house and he lived a happy life.

Rest in Peace sweet Cabo.

 cabo cabo